The Search for Enjococado

I’m not sure there’s a better way to start this blog than trying to find a delicious recipe that seems elusive to almost everyone. The Internet seems to disagree, so I spent about four weeks making all the variations of this recipe I can find.

Anyone who’s been to La Fiesta in Mountain View, California has had an opportunity to try what’s been called “Grandma’s Special” both in enchilada and regular, sauce-over-chicken form. While La Fiesta and its family of restaurants – La Fiesta Too and Fiesta Del Mar, which call it “Great Grandma’s Special” – have become fairly well known for this recipe, many people don’t know what it actually is or how to make it. Myself included.

The sauce these restaurants use is called “enjococado” by Mexicans in the know, which directly means it’s a sauce made with “jocoque”. You won’t find jocoque easily in most places, but Mexican cream substitutes well, and keeps the flavor close.

Unfortunately, finding a comparable enjococado recipe has been hard. So far, I’ve found three that purport to be the correct recipe and I’ve tried them all, doing a taste test after the fact.

I’m providing all the relevant recipes below as well as my experiences with them, but I recommend you start at the bottom and work your way up because I think the last recipe is the closest you’ll get.

  1. Spicy from Chicago
  2. Nutty and Thick
  3. A Bit Too Oily
  4. The Best


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